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Welcome to the Walton Family Website

Julia Burney Walton


William (Billie) & Julia Walton
William, Jr.   Thomas    Freeman    George
   Oliver   Sue

Welcome! This website is dedicated to the descendants of Billie and Julia Burney Walton. Billie and Julia were born approximately in the 1850s. Although their birthplace is unknown, oral history suggests that the couple raised their family in Alexander City, Alabama. Their family consisted of seven children: Thomas, Oliver, Freeman, George, William, Sue, and Annie. From these seven arose offspring who carry the surname of Walton, Graham, Stevenson, Ingram, and Hawkins. It is likely that Billie and Julia were born into slavery, freed in 1865 by the Emancipation Proclamation. Today, Walton descendants are doctors, lawyers, factory workers, engineers, ministers, actors, homemakers, nurses, etc. The Walton family tree boasts nearly 1350 people that can be found across the United States and abroad.


The Walton family is part of a network of families called the "United Family". The United Family originates from Alexander City and includes descendants of the Lindsey, Vines, Monticure, Davis, Tuck, Wright, Smith, and Walton families. These families are linked through marriage and offspring making our family history one.


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